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To Xbox Infinity and Beyond!

Xbox Announcement - LEAK

It's still just a rumor until the "Official" press event on May 21st, but the name of the new Microsoft console seems to be...

Xbox Infinity

Microsoft are apparently going to be using the slogan, 'Infinite entertainment, Infinite possibilities' to market the next console.

What do you think Last Casters? Do you like the new monkier or no?

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Xbox Infinity


SimCity FAIL

SimCity - review

Well, it WOULD have been a Review of SimCity if I could have actually played today...

I have been looking forward to the new Simcity game for a long time. I’ve talked about it, I’ve shown people videos. I’ve followed the SimCity Dev Blogs and really liked what I was seeing. So much so that I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version of the game ($90 with taxes). But right now just I’m angry. So, I’ll keep this short and to the point:

EA has fumbled (I’d like to use a harsher “f-word” there) up another of their own game launches because they still can’t get Origin to work properly. This has been going on for almost two years (since they started Origin) ...I’ve tried to avoid the service, but every now and then they release a game or features that require Origin to play... Battlefield 3 required it for full features. I couldn’t get Origin, or the features to work properly (even after troubleshooting with EA tech for hours). Eventually I returned the game and gave up on Origin. Then Mass Effect 3 was released with iOS add-ons that required the service, so I tried again. More service calls to EA required (hours!). Eventually I de-installed the apps. Again, Origin lost any business or goodwill they could have earned (I personally buy TONS of stuff digitally)…Simpsons Tapped out required Origin and was so broken at launch that EA had to pull it from the app store and took MONTHS to fix the issues (sorry guys, but it was a disaster at launch).

I’m a developer, I get “technical issues” and that unforeseen issue arise. But this is systemic. This is negligent, misrepresentation, and just plain stupid. I said this a YEAR ago: a system like Origin needs to be fully functionally before forcing it on users like this. And a year later, the system is as broken as ever. If EA wants to rely on this service for running games, selling games, DLC purchases, etc. ...they had better get a LOT more people involved in getting it right. If your “new business model” is using something like Origin as a cornerstone, than the majority of your money in the short term should be funneled into getting it working. ALL your best people, ALL of your research and development. And yet, is seems they have done next to nothing to fix issues that have been around for two years. Otherwise, what you get is: A massively high profile game, being crapped on by a system (Origin) that should have been abandoned months ago.

What a letdown.

SimCity Burning